Southcross Hospital will be permanently closed at 7pm Friday October 11, 2019

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Permanently Closed October 11, 2019

SouthCross Hospital

4243 E Southcross, San Antonio, Texas 78222, United States

(210) 536-0100

Patient Complaint


To file complaints directly with our administrative team please contact Nancy Bowen: 210-536-0100 or

To file complaints regarding quality of care concerns or 

safety issues to CIHQ. 

By  Phone (866) 324-5080

By Fax

(805) 934-8588

By Mail

Center for Improvement in Healthcare Quality

P.O. Box 3620 McKinney, TX 75070

ATTN: Executive Director

By E-mail

In-Person by Appointment

Contact the Executive Director of CIHQ at (866) 324-5080 for instructions.